I was going to say that not all of us have the opportunity to set sail aboard a pirate ship, but then I stopped to wonder if boarding a pirate ship in real life would truly be considered all that lucky? Well, probably not. However, I suggest you don’t hesitate to take a ride on the Pirate Ship at Johns Pass if you’re in the area.

Great restaurants, unique shopping, and a fun-filled boardwalk describe your boarding location.  And you really don’t need any other reason that that to visit Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk.

But here’s an additional bonus: among all that classic beach fun, discover a swashbuckling pirate ship.  Take one of three daily cruises aboard this little gem and entertain your kids (and perhaps yourself?) with pirate stories, water gun battles, treasure hunts and more.

After a day at sea, get your crew sweet treats at Sugar Daddy’s or Johns Pass Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor.  (Just be sure you’ve left the ice cream smugglers on the ship – they’ll snatch your favorite scoop right off your cone!) And by ice cream smugglers we’re talking seagulls.

Off with ye now ye salty dogs and skallywags! And time to party like it’s 1666!

The Pirate’s Ship at Johns Pass

140 Boardwalk Place West., Madeira Beach. 727-423-7824

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