Rental Management

Amenities are one of the top five drivers of bookings. For that reason, we maintain a list of the amenities guests are looking for – and we’re happy to assist with home setup, too. We are proactive about maintenance. Routine maintenance such as light bulb changes, smoke detector battery changes, remotes are a continuous process. If there’s something significant that needs addressing, we’ll seek your approval before proceeding. Paint touch-ups, plumbing drips and leaks, and general wear-and-tear are all things we look for as part of the cleaning and inspection process and monthly landscaping services.

Part of our job as your rental manager is to analyze data in order to effectively market your property and uncover key info, like:

  • How often rentals in your market have booked in the last year
  • How profits compare to the same period in years past
  • Travel demand fluctuations between peak and low season
  • Whether demand is outpacing supply in your market — or vice versa
  • How to best balance price and occupancy
  • Property booking lead times

What’s more, we review occupancy and market prices by zip code, property size and season, and use dynamic pricing that can be adjusted daily to reflect seasonal and market changes.
Simply put, dynamic pricing allows us to respond to increases in demand with price increases, and to low-occupancy or low-demand dates with discounts. We currently use dynamic pricing on Airbnb, FlipKey and TripAdvisor, with plans to expand to more platforms soon.

Inquiry responses are a guest’s first impression of your rental — and we take that very seriously. We often hear from prospective guests who say property managers have kept them waiting days for a response… or never responded at all. Not Splashy. For HomeAway, VRBO and, we use autoresponders to ensure guests get an instant quote (if dates are provided and available). The auto-response also includes sample guest reviews and, if the property is not available, suitable alternatives. All of this happens in less than 5 minutes! “Thank you for your quick response” is something we often hear from prospective guests.
Positive traveler feedback is essential. Luckily, good feedback is a natural by-product of providing a great guest experience, which we strive for every single time. How do we do that? Among other initiatives, we:
  • Send messages with pertinent information at strategic intervals before, during and after the guests’ stay, many of them automated.
  • Typically label drawers and cabinets for ease.
  • Provide a heads-up in an arrival email for items that may be difficult to access/operate.
  • Use a text-based communication system that allows guests to reach 3 of our team members at the same time by texting a single number.
  • Streamline checkout by asking guests to text a code to that same number when they’re ready to depart. This sets our housekeepers into action!
  • Use smart home hubs and thermostats to ensure the home temperature stays right where it should be. If there’s a discrepancy between set temp and actual temp, the smart thermostat lets us know so we can fix it ASAP.
  • Install keyless locks on all homes. No lost keys or worries about key pickups! Plus, guest entry/exits can be monitored. (We also recommend the installation of z-wave thermostats, and in some cases, z-wave door and window sensors.)
  • Take a formal inventory of your property twice a year.
  • Collect guest suggestion forms after each stay.
We love our professional housekeepers and consistently rate highly on the cleanliness of our homes. Our cleaning service utilizes teams, and each team knows exactly how your home is to be presented to guests. They will also make note of anything that needs our attention after guests check out.

Splashy’s co-founder Beth is a professional photographer and will work to capture your property’s best side. In fact, she is the photographer behind the property photos you see on the various listing sites and Splashy’s proprietary sites.
She also leads yearly nature photography workshops. View samples of her work at

Beth is a Certified True Colour Expert and can assist with accessorizing and styling the interior.
Hate numbers? Not a problem. As a CPA, Beth and Splashy can take the reins on all your accounting and bookkeeping as an optional service. In most circumstances, we send rental agreements using DocuSign and collect all monies from the guests. We pay the housekeepers and state and local tax authorities, and can also pay any other vendors you wish us to pay from your account. Checks or bank transfers are processed monthly, owner statements are provided each month, and an annual statement is provided at year-end, along with IRS Form 1099-MISC. $500 in owner working capital per rental property is retained and will be reflected on and accounted for in each statement. Monthly and annual owner statements can be accessed from the online Owner Portal for convenience.

We utilize a variety of listing sites, our own websites and content marketing to extend our reach.

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