We’re Beth and Terry.

Terry is the Splashy Ventures handyman, with a construction company and a background in custom homebuilding. Beth handles the numbers as a former CIO, financial planner and investment consultant. On Beth’s frequent trips to St. Petersburg for business, she daydreamed about opening a B&B on the beach. When it came time to leave the finance world, though, she went with vacation rentals instead—skipping the early wake-ups and daily breakfasts, but keeping the fun of helping people enjoy their vacations in her favorite places. Since 2002, the Splashy portfolio has expanded from Florida’s Gulf Coast to a boutique offering of rentals in Austin, TX, Scottsdale, AZ, and Marlborough, New Zealand. As property managers, we want guests to love the places we love. Take advantage of our treasure trove of local recommendations we’ve gathered over the years from guests, friends, and our own favorite experiences.

Proactive maintenance.

We know the properties we represent inside and out. We know their quirks, and how to look out for problems before they happen. Our job is to make sure guests check into a rental that makes a “wow” first impression. Once a homeowner puts their vacation rental property in our hands—or a guest puts their vacation in our hands—we take full responsibility for a seamless experience for everyone. When a problem arises, our instant mission becomes: how do we fix this? (And after 15 years in vacation rentals, we have become expert problem-solvers.)

We Love Our Guests

We’ve build solid relationships with guests who return year after year and refer friends and family to our properties. And our guests are some of our best teachers. Many lessons we’ve learned since 2002 have come from simply listening. We’ve also found that when we present properties that are welcoming and well-cared-for, guests are more likely to take care of them in return. Renting a home is not like renting a faceless hotel room—guests can see a reflection of you when they step inside. And it helps that we never blindside guests (or homeowners) with surprise fees. Contact us at 727-744-1617 for info!


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