St Omer Bay

150 Kilometers of Coastline, Native Bush Trails and Ridge Line Views - St Omer, Kenepuru Sound

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St Omer is located on Kenepuru Sound, one of four sounds that make up the Marlborough Sounds. Distances are not great here (St Omer is only about 50 kms from Wellington as the crow flies), but the steep hills and winding and narrow roads (and a wee bit of water!) have contributed to a less populated northern shore.

Brilliant. Every. Day.

That’s the motto of the Marlborough Region. Come spend a few days in Paradise and you’ll see why.

To get right to the details of St Omer’s Hide Away – a special place suspended above Kenepuru Sound – skip to the house details located here.

Or read on for a love story of two people and a house.

There was a point in time during our drive to St Omer where we left the world behind."

Parking at the base of the driveway we were struck by the sheer slope of the hill we were to climb.  Reaching the top was well worth the trek - the view was breathtaking as our eyes took in the wide open natural surrounds of the Bay.  During our stay we unwound, relaxed and rejuvenated our spirits."

Guest review February 2020